Waarom natuurlijke beautyproducten?

Why natural beauty products?

The beauty industry is the industry par excellence where the rules are not clear and where there is still a lot of work to be done. This kite also applies to most beauty products from the pharmacy.

That's why we at Bio'ty Lab did the work for you and examined all products for ingredients and effectiveness.

All the products on our website are 90-100% natural : which means that they contain no harmful chemicals , making them safe for adults, children and pregnant women . The ingredients must also be as organic as possible: this means that the raw materials must not have been sprayed with chemicals.

At Bio'ty Lab we keep a certain standard in mind that all products must meet. Natural, organic beauty products without consequences for your health or that of your family.

Carcinogenic ingredients such as parabens, aluminum salts, phthalates, chemical sun filters, synthetic fragrances, BHT and BHAs should be avoided at all times. They can cause illness or allergies, or seriously disrupt your hormone balance.

Would you like anti-freeze in your day cream (propylene glycol)? No? It seems obvious to me not!
Or would you use lip balm with crude petroleum? I do not think so!
Unfortunately, these products are available in large numbers at perfumeries, supermarkets and pharmacies.

At Bio'ty Lab we love luxurious, affordable and well-functioning products that improve your skin and make it shine thanks to the active ingredients. The more active the ingredients in a product, the more expensive the product . And vice versa! Fair products for fair prices.

Let us guide you personally and free of charge: info@biotylab.com

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