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Dry brushing - the benefits

Dry Brushing, or dry brushing, is a hype that is here to never disappear, at least I hope so.


Dry brushing originally comes from Ayurveda where it is seen as a way to prevent diseases. As a human being, 16 percent of you are made up of skin. This makes your skin the most important detoxification organ of your body . Brushing your skin daily has a whole host of benefits for your health.

It stimulates your blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and dry brushing helps to remove waste products.

There are people who claim that it can reduce cellulite. And this with a simple action of about 5 minutes that you can easily integrate into your daily bathroom routine.

Absolution's wooden brushes have an FSC quality mark: this is an internationally recognized quality mark with strict requirements for sustainable and social forest management.


It is best to dry brush in the morning: start at the bottom of your body at your feet and brush up to your heart.

You can make short movements or long movements, depending on your preference. Rotating movements are also possible.

Shake your brush well after use, as it is full of dead skin cells


Anyone who wants to, although it is not recommended for people with psoriasis or damaged skin. It is also better not to brush acne on your skin.

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