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Why choose a mineral filter instead of a chemical filter?

There are two types of sun protection: products with a chemical UV filter and products with a mineral filter.

Chemical filters are synthetic substances that form a protective layer on our skin against harmful UV rays. Once the sun lands on your skin, it penetrates the skin and the chemical filters will neutralize the UV radiation and make it harmless.

A mineral filter , on the other hand, usually consists of the substances titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which are minerals that absorb and reflect UV radiation, so that it does not cause damage and so that it does not penetrate the skin.

A mineral filter remains on your skin, while the substances that serve as a chemical filter penetrate slightly deeper into the skin. According to some studies, these substances could enter your bloodstream and disrupt your hormone balance. More research is being conducted into this.

Important: If you do not want to take any risks – for example because you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant – it is best to opt for a mineral filter. It certainly does not enter your bloodstream and therefore less risk. There is a small disadvantage: mineral filters sometimes spread less smoothly and sometimes leave a white layer on your skin. An advantage is that a mineral filter works immediately, while with chemical filters you have to wait 20 minutes before going into the sun.

Important: the SPF does not indicate how well you are protected, but how long you are protected. In general, I recommend an SPF 30 because people then apply it more often than an SPF 50.

We selected our favorites that do NOT leave a white film on the skin and do not contain nano technology:

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