Anti-ageing: mijn favorieten

DRAFT Anti-aging: my favorites

Of course, you cannot completely get rid of wrinkles with a cream, but we can stop time or smooth out the wrinkles or spots with small tricks.

One of the first tactics is to massage your face thoroughly every day with your hands or possibly with a gua sha stone . Just like the muscles in your body, you also need to train the muscles in your face so that they are tight.

A second technique is to use hyaluron-based products every day: this will retain moisture well and therefore wrinkles will become less visible.

Serums with hyaluronic acid:


Grown Alchemist`

Susanne Kaufmann


For your daily care, these are the most powerful anti-wrinkle products that Biotylab offers:

Susanne Kaufmann

LINE A - Intensive Powder Serum Susanne Kaufmann

LINE A - Anti-wrinkle day cream Susanne Kaufmann

LINE A - Anti-wrinkle night cream Susanne Kaufmann

LINE A - Anti-wrinkle mask Susanne Kaufmann


EGF Day Serum from Bio Effect

EGF Hydrating Day Cream from Bio Effect

EGF Night Serum from Bio Effect

EGF Eye Serum from Bio Effect


Collagen is also an important link in skin aging - I recommend taking this as a supplement on a daily basis:

Furthermore, SPF is also very important as it plays a very important role in skin aging.

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