To retinol or not?

To retinol or not?

Retinol or retinoid or vitamin A is very popular in cosmetics because it mainly works to rejuvenate the skin: fewer wrinkles and a better complexion. However, in too high a concentration it can irritate the skin, which means that you have to keep an eye on the %.

A well-known form is retinol, of which it is best to use 0.4% to a maximum of 1%. The message is to build up slowly. The higher the %, the faster the risk of irritation.

Also know that retinol cannot actually withstand air and light: it is an unstable ingredient. So your packaging must always be air- and light-tight. If this is not the case, distrust the product!

A cool place is also better than a place that is too warm so that the product retains its effectiveness.

The retinols and retinoids that Bio'ty Lab sells are all selected based on % and ingredients and are therefore all safe for you!

Pregnant? Better not use retinol then!

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