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Julie Jabloux, Dec 26, 2020

I discovered Biotylab through a friend, and I am so enthousiast about this concept. I am slowly changing all my beauty products into healthy ones.

Van Nathalie Meskens, February 6, 2019

I love biotylab! Do not hesitate, order here! Anne Poelmans is pro!

From Julie Standaert, January 3, 2019

Very good products and also respectful of the environment. Quick and easy to order! Recommended!

From Geert Dusar, September 14, 2018

Biotylab offers the best products and they are beautiful too ... Great choice of naturally healthy products

From Laurence Mathias, April 4, 2018:

I have been a Bio'ty Lab customer for years and I am very happy that so many new brands have been added in recent months! Currently, I'm dedicated to Alex Carro's products for my skin, Fine deodorants and Rahua shampoo.

From Lien Nauwelaerts, October 18, 2017:

I can not wait to receive my package! Thank you for the excellent selection of natural products, which I discovered during a presentation a few years ago. Since then I am a very satisfied customer!

From Aagje Van Cauwelaert, December 21, 2016:

Thank you Bio'ty Lab for the beautiful package and for the personal touch that is ALWAYS brought. It makes my day :-)

From Nathalie De Clercq, November 24, 2016:

Thank you in any case for all your advice: it's great to have the ease of a webshop but with the advice as in a store.

From Esther Santoyo, July 29, 2016:

I just received my order, wow !! Everything is perfect, the products, the beautiful packaging and the paper, really everything !! The color of nail polish is exactly what I wanted! And thanks for the samples, I'm very curious about Grown Alchemist products and now I'll be able to test them. Congratulations also on the new site, it is very successful. A customer more than satisfied.

From Geert Kelchtermans, July 15, 2016:

It's great to find everything I need on your site. In addition, the service is very attentive with my orders so well presented in a beautiful box with a map. Thank you very much for that.

From Jitske, April 13, 2016:

Thank you for all these beautiful natural products and your excellent service. I'm so happy with Bio'ty Lab!

From Katrien De Hulsters, February 5, 2016:

SUPER online store of organic cosmetics. Thank you for the great care with which you market, pack and ship your products, with your personalized touch.

From Céline Simoens, January 12, 2016:

What a beautiful e-shop of natural and organic cosmetics with impeccable service !! I will come back to order at your place !!

From Lieze Wegge, December 7, 2015:

My organic cosmetic package was delivered the day after my order. Everything was perfect. Excellent service and 100% natural products, what more can you ask for?

From Wika Szczeblewska, October 13, 2015:

Thank you very much for this new package full of wonderful organic care! I love this shop and I will be back soon for new purchases!

From Astrid Frieswijk, 11 September 2015:

I received the package full of organic cosmetics, great! RMS products are totally awesome! I will definitely go back to your shop!

From Ann Van Dievoort, August 17, 2015:

I find Bio'ty products very good. You can expect more orders from me! I am very happy to have found natural products that fit my budget. And the small cards that you attach to the controls are very attentive. See you soon, Ann.

From Katya Byankina, July 13, 2015:

I love to order from your online store dedicated to natural beauty - I always find great products and impeccable service! Have a good day! K.

From Pauline Delplanque, May 28, 2015:

Thank you for proposing all these beautiful biological care, I am delighted with my 1st order at Bio'ty Lab, great products !!! See you soon for another!

From Hélène Billy, May 6, 2015:

I am delighted with my order! The package is very well packaged and protected, the presentation is neat, what a joy to open it! And to discover a little personalized word, accompanied by a small informative newspaper, I really appreciated. I thank you for all these attentions, I admit that it touched me. I will not fail to return to your site. Thank you for everything and see you soon. Helena.

From Mariska Van Wijnen, March 25, 2015:

A big thank you for this quality organic care! I am very satisfied with Trilogy products and your service. This site is a must.

From Jacqueline Dekeyser, January 22, 2015:

Dear Bio'ty Lab, your offer of natural products for skin and hair is really the best! Previously I also ordered on other webshops, but it is no longer necessary! Thank you for your exceptional organic cosmetics and for the good service!