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Our commitment

  • + - 100% natural & chemicals free

    Bio'ty Lab guarantees only 100% natural, top quality products, certified by independent organisms such as Soil Association (UK) or Cosmébio/Ecocert (France).

    All potentially harmful synthetic molecules (most commonly found back in conventional skincare) are left out of the ingredients list. Avoid using those:

    • Synthetic components (parabens, synthetic fragrances and colours, sulphates -Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate-, formaldehyde, ethanolamine's -DEA, TEA-, tetrasodium EDTA, silicones, pesticides or GMO)
    • Petro-chemicals (phthalates, paraffin, mineral oils, glycols -PEG, PPG-)

     Instead, true organic skincare will use alternative ways to: 

    • improve the cleansing properties by using (for example) natural sugar based surfactants,
    • hydrate the skin with natural oils
    • preserve the products naturally (even though we recommend a usage within 6 months to avoid any bacterial development).

     So take good care of yourself without gambling your health.

    Organic skincare supports safely and gently the natural ability of the skin to balance and repair itself. Why is organic better?

    1° Because harsh detergents and surfactants found in all conventional soaps, cleansers, shampoo foam nicely (so you think you are clean enough) but strip the skin with its most valuable protection barrier, the skin top oil barrier, key to retain the skin moisture.

    Organic cosmetics are much less aggressive and as such the skin doesn't need to constantly produce more oil to compensate for moisture loss. As a result the skin re-balances itself naturally (no more dehydrated, pulling skin, over-activated cells that accelerates skin ageing on the long run).

    2° Without any ingredients issued from petrol or artificial texturisers, the skin can be deeply hydrated without leaving a film on the top layer and hampering skin breathing and toxins elimination (so no more clogged pores, uneven and dull skin but a healthy, hydrated and breathing skin).

    3° Because you avoid potentially dangerous chemicals that enter directly your circulatory system (and the baby in utero if you are pregnant). It's the repetition that makes the poison. On average, a woman uses 12 to 20 personal care products a day as part of her grooming and make-up session. So let's play it safe, minimise our exposure and use 100% reliable and natural products to limit of daily toxic intake.

  • + - Sexy & pleasing to the senses

    The brands selected have been chosen for their high quality and pleasure of use:

    • Superiority of the ingredients: high concentration of essential oils and active ingredients.

    Opting for organic skincare implies a new beauty gesture. Some of the habits taken with conventional products you will have to quit. For instance, organic soaps and shampoos will foam less because only some natural vegetal detergents (like sugar tensides) will do the job, cleaning properly but without the thousands of bubbles you are used to. 

    Another example is the pleasure of using pure oils (even for oily, acne-prone skin, yes!) to hydrate the skin. 2-3 drops on the skin and after 3 minutes (allowing the oil to penetrate your skin) you will feel how soft your skin can be without feeling greasy and having clogged and infected pores.

    • Quality of textures and scents: Once you go natural, you won’t go back!

    Once you’ve realized what natural oil can do to your skin would you still want to apply a substance like tar on your face? Once you’ve used natural fragrances you won’t be able to spray yourself with synthetic toilet-freshener-kind-o-smell.

    • Attractive products: Original and efficient recipes are presented in cute but minimalistic packaging to avoid waste.

    Organic beauty is also a way to discover ingredients and brands from around the world.

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