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About us

The Belgian webshop for natural beauty

Instead of feeding our skin with chemicals, why not try an alternative?

At the Bio'ty Lab, we are dedicated to natural and healthy beauty:

  • 90-100% natural and organic (good for your health)
  • Nice to you (indulge yourself with gorgeous scents and velvety textures)
  • Nice to the environment (sustainable ingredients sourcing, fairtrade, optimized energy use, recyclable and no-fuss packaging and support to local communities).
  • Not - never! - tested on animals
  • A lot of our products are vegan

 Why should you choose natural skincare?  

  • First of all, your skin is the biggest organ of the body. It protects you, yet your body also absorbs what is applied to it. Transdermally, you don't have any digestive system to filter out what reaches your circulatory system.
  • We are constantly exposed to chemicals. The polluted air we breathe, the pesticides & genetically modified food we eat, synthetic clothes we wear, the Teflon pans & plastic containers in which we cook, and last but not least the skincare products we apply on us. This ubiquitous cocktail may be harmful on a long run (because of their persistence and bioaccumulation of the chemicals) and is suspected to provoke more allergies, irritations, Alzheimer cases, sterility problems and even cancers. Not very rejoicing!
  • Looking for personal advice? Contact Anne for an appointment in her showroom in Sint-Martens-Latem

Behind the scenes, there is Anne Poelmans

The world of Fashion & Beauty has no secrets for Anne Poelmans. For eight years she was the head stylist at ELLE Belgium, led the ELLE website for three years and worked for Vogue. From her passion for beauty she took over the well-known web shop in January 2018, where she sells her favorite organic beauty products.

"With the Bio'ty Lab, I hope sharing some knowledge that will help you make choices to benefit your health and skin everyday and to encourage you to think about the content of what you apply on your skin. Please let me give you some personal advice: contact me via mail or take an appointment in my lovely showroom in Sint-Martens-Latem (Ghent)."

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