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PACK Metabolic GLH-2


The complete 360° approach:

1. Insentials Detox Boost: Lipoglutathox™ is our key antioxidant to cleanse your liver. This works on your stored sugars in the liver.

2. Insentials Fat Burner: contains a unique patented & notified Lipochrome™ blend including green tea, lipase, l-carnitine, fucus and chromium. This stimulates your fat metabolism.

3. Insentials GLH-2 Stabilizer: a revolutionary patented & notified formula for stabilizing your blood sugar levels and lasting longer satiety.


This is about a long-term lifestyle adjustment.

-Long-term, daily intake is possible without side effects

-Supports your feeling of satiety

-Reduces sugar cravings

-No yo-yo effect

-Stronger intestinal flora

-More vital and energetic

-Your body burns fat faster

-No loss of muscle mass, only fat tissue

-Effects both the intake of your food (fats & carbohydrates) as well as the stored older fat layers on the hips, buttocks, upper arms and abdomen

-Contributes not only to weight loss but to a general detoxification of your body through natural cell regeneration of your liver

-Does not affect your hormones, it is safe and natural, unlike injections, shots or ampules

-Increases your metabolism: your body works like a heater again

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The Insentials Detox Boost does not block your nutritional intake like the GLH-2 Stabilizer, but stimulates your body's own liver cells. It is therefore very complementary to combine both, since the receptors on your liver cells are the first to become insulin resistant.

The Insentials Fat Burner from Insentials works on the one hand on your stored fats and on the other hand on the intake of fats from food. So it does not affect your carbohydrate and sugar intake like the GLH-2 Stabilizer.

Combine FAT BURNER (1x in the morning), with the GLH-2 STABILIZER (1x with the main meal) and the Insentials DETOX BOOST (1x in the evening) to optimize your sugar and fat metabolism.


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