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Tata Harper

The beautiful 100% natural and non toxic luxury skincare from Tata Harper reinvents natural beauty. This is why:

- The ingredients are 100% natural and non-toxic, all the time. The results on the skin are real, all the time.

- Tata Harper produces all the products in small batches, by hand, in her own lab, by growing ingredients from her 500 hectares farm in Vermont, USA. All the ingredients used are extremely fresh and active and are traceable from the spot they have grown on.

- The formulas are unique and contain only active ingredients, proven to have beneficial effects on the skin. Each formula is developped by a team of chemists, biologists, botanists and integrated medicine practitioners to provide you with the most advanced and efficient product in the natural world.  

GREEN LINE: normal line, with essential oil in certain products. Not vegan.

SUPERKIND LINE: hypoallergenic, for sensitive skin, exzema skin, rosacea, all kinds of allergens. Also for pregnant women! Without essential oil. 100% vegan

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