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News July 201601/07/2016


School is over but we are working hard for you. This is the last newsletter linking to our current website. A new one is in the making. Are you curious?   In the meantime we are happy to offer you a free handcream with any Grown Alchemist order. - TREAT YOUR ...

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From Jitske, April 13th 2016:

Thanks for all those wonderful natural products and for the excellent service. I am so happy with Bio'ty Lab!

From Katrien De Hulsters, Feb5th 2016:

SUPER website of organic skincare. Thanks for the great care with which you praise, pack and ship your products, each order with a personal piece of advice. 💕🎀

From Céline Simoens, January 12th 2016:

What a nice webshop of natural and organic cosmetics with a very courteous service!! I'll be back to order some more!

From Lieze Wegge, December 7th, 2015:

My parcel full of organic skincare was delivered the day after my order. Impeccable service and 100% natural products, I can't ask for more!

From Wika Szczeblewska, October 13th, 2015:

Thanks so much for another beautiful package full of wonderful organic skincare! I love this shop and will be back soon for sure!

From Astrid Frieswijk, September 11th 2015:

Today I received my pack full of organic skincare, super! RMS Beauty colours are really great, as well as the luminizer! I'll definitely be back at your shop!

From Ann Van Dievoort, August 17th, 2015:

The products of Bio'ty Lab are very good. So you can expect more orders from me! I am very happy I have found natural products that fit my budget. And the cards you join to the orders are very throughtful. See you soon, Ann.

From Katya Byankina, July 13th 2015:

I just love ordering at your natural beauty store - always great products and amazing customer service! Have a good day! K.

From Pauline Delplanque, May 28th 2015:

Thank you for providing me with those beautiful organic skincare products, I am delighted with my first order on Bio'ty Lab, great products! I'll be back! 

From Hélène Billy, May 6th, 2015:

I am delighted with my package which is very well packed and protected, the presentation is neat, what a joy to receive my order! I enjoyed the personalised touch and the small informative newspaper. Thank you for all this attention, I am very grateful for that. I will not fail to return to your site. Thank you for everything and goodbye. Helena. 

From Mariska Van Wijnen, March 25, 2015:

Many thanks for the great organic skincare! I am very satisfied with the quality of the Trilogy products and about your service. This website is a must.

From Jacqueline Dekeyser, January 22nd 2015:

Dear Bio'ty Lab, you offer the best natural products for skin and hair! I used to order from other webshops but it is no longer necessary. Thanks for your exceptional organic skincare and good service!

From Caroline De Paepe, December 10th 2014:

@biotylab: pack received. And again with some pleasant discoveries of new natural skincare products! Enchanted! My best wishes for the New Year!

From Sophie Snoek, Novembre 6th 2014:

@biotylab Pack received yesterday. The organic products are great to use. The personal piece of advice on the card is great! I am fan!

From Marta Schenkelaars, October 3rd 2014:

Thank you for my order delivered as promised within 48 hours. The handwritten card I found very personal and of great value! Thanks for everything.

From Elke Herinkx, June 15th 2014:

Hello Bio'ty Lab, it's very nice to shop natural skincare through such a wide range of organic products. And your service is fast and reliable. See you next time!

From Rosemarie De Weirdt, May 13th 2014:

Thank you for the nice Bio'ty Lab "party"! Very interesting to combine the explanations on organic cosmetics with a nice assortment of products: organic version of traditional skincare, but also a series of novelties; high-quality products such as the konjac sponge, the carrot perfume or the clay and essentials oils deodorant.

From Pascaline Harmegnies, April 18th, 2014:

I want to thank you for the good service and for the exceptionnal skincare you propose. I have found in RAHUA the best haircare for light and glossy hair. Bio'ty Lab is a real Ali Baba cave!

From Ludivine Meulemans, March 24th 2014:

Thanks for this wonderful webshop and for the good service! Bio'ty Lab is a real gold mine packed with brands I love and that I wish to try. Can't wait to test the whole assortment...

From Fien Vervoort, February 9th 2014:

I am pleased with the advice received from Bio'ty Lab. You have a very good knowledge of natural skincare and an ideology on which you don't deviate, it's super! Keep up the good work! See you soon, for my next order ;)

From Els Keymeulen, January 16th 2014:

I have ordered my first products today! I am very curious! I wish you lots of succes with Bio'ty Lab because your webshop is really cool. And I really need this natural and organic skincare!

From Aleid Cappenbergh, December 12th 2013:

I am very satisfied about the organic products delivered. Hats off also for the packaging, the samples, and the hand-written card. I will definitely order again on bio'ty lab in the future!

From Dorine van Rij, November 21st, 2013:

Thanks a lot for the lovely organic skincare I received this morning. I am delighted! Thanks also for the quick delivery, the nice packaging and the samples. Bio'ty Lab rocks!

From Margot Selleslagh, November 8th 2013:

I would also like to say that I am very satisfied with Bio'ty Lab products. Nice initiative, your shop with ecological cosmetics... :)

From Cindy Devos, October 10th 2013:

Wow, what a service! Ordered on 2 days ago, my products have been quickly delivered with extra samples, information and a little card. Thanks! I love getting suprised in a positive way :-)

From Vanessa Peeters, September 5th 2013:

This post to say that I'm super happy with the products ordered on bioty'lab (egyptian magic and soapwalla deo cream). Very nice and fast service also with the samples and the personal card. In October, I would like to organize a demo.

From Marie-Anne Lizin, August 8th 2013:

Dear Bio'ty Lab, I just received my organic products. Thank you for your excellent service, for the samples and your sunny little card ... very much appreciated. I'll come back soon because I intend to test other products.

From Katlijn Hofman, June19th 2013:

Thanks Biot'ty Lab! I'm really happy with the organic products you sell, as much as the service .... I'm a fan! Besides, I've recommended you to a friend who is also looking for natural skincare.

From Inge Declercq, May 27th 2013:

I have received my pack today! Dear biotylab, thanks so much for this quick and personalised service! I'm going to try my products right away! ;-)

From Rianne Bouman, May 7th 2013:

I already received my package this morning. Really thank you very much for the impeccable service of biotylab en the great little extras!! I am very happy with my order!

From Ina Oyen, March 12th 2013:

I am still very happy with your offer and products that I have been buying since a while now. The service is great. Thanks for doing what you do. Regards, Ina.

From Richard de Leth, January 9th 2013:

Thanks a lot for the impeccable service, for the beautiful products and for the lovely personal card! Last year I wrote a book on healthy living (in Dutch), and I have mentionned Bio'ty Lab as a healthy alternative in my chapter "The bathroom, a chemical lab". Let's spread the word! More info on:

From Leen Eysermans, October 8th 2012:

Dear Bio'ty Lab, thanks again for the excellent service you provide! I am so happy with my samples and the extra gift of Kibio.

As soon as I get to use the products, I'll post some comments on the site. I find it very helpful to read someone else's opinion to choose a product. So long, Leenxxx.

From Ilse Derkx, Septembre 11th, 2012:

I am ordering now the Finishing Treatment of Rahua. It's crazy I didn't find earlier. I use a lot of the products you sell but Bio'ty Lab has wider assortment.

From Kathlijn Jansen, August 10th 2012:

Dear Bio'ty Lab,

Wauw, this morning I already got my pack with the post. This is the best service I ever experienced! Thanks so much!!

Now I'll go for some testing and reviewing on my blog

From Nuriye Ateş, August 3rd 2012:

Thanks a lot for the wonderful quick and accurate delivery of my products and the personal touch you bring to the pack. Wishing you a great summer until my next order on Bio'ty Lab!

From Leen Eysermans, July 10th 2012:

Hey Bio'ty Lab,
Thanks a lot for the samples of shampoos. I have tried them in the meantime and I think I prefer Madara; my hair won't get oily so quickly. Of course Rahua remains a topper. This shampoo really gave some shine back to my hair! Keep up the good work in organic skincare!

From Tine Becuwe, 29th of June 2012:

Dear Bio'ty Lab, it is now a week I have received my pack. I take 2 minutes now to thank you for the great assortment you have. I'm absolutely enchanted with my products! Kind regards, Tine.

From Christina Rasch, 1st of June 2012:

Thank you very much for the extra product I have requested in my order! It's really nice to experience this kind of service and flexibility at Bio'ty Lab. Rgds, Christina. 

From Leen Eysermans, May 7th 2012:

Hello Sophie, thanks so much for the very quick delivery. Now I'm even a bigger fan of organic products and of the website ;-) I ♥ Bio'ty Lab!!! Xxx 

From Valérie Du Pré, May 2nd 2012:

Hello, I am very happy with the organic products and with the service - Applause for Bio'ty Lab! :-)

From Ai Khan, April 16th 2012:

Thanks a lot for your ultra-quick service! I received with great pleasure my second order and will, for sure, not stop ordering... I also loved reading the brochures included in my nice box and test the free samples given for free by Bio'ty Lab. See you soon!

From Ornella Davis, March 19th 2012:

Hello Bio'ty Lab, I am very happy of my pack of organic cosmetics. Thanks! Ornella 

From Gerrieke de Groot, February 19th 2012:

Good afternoon, Last week I received my lip balm of BalmBalm, a great product. I also wanted to let you know that I love the service, with free samples, some information on the brands and the personnal attention from Sophie! Feeling pampered!

From Sarah Vanden Eede, January 24th 2012:

Hi Sophie,
Thanks a lot for the homeparty of last week. I found it was very interesting. As suspected I'm better off shopping my skincare on Bio'ty Lab rather than trusting the products of the big brands. I'm really happy with my products. My skin is more supple and moisturised.

From Virginie Tumelaire, December 23rd 2011:

Hello, I am very happy with my organic products, as from the ultra quick service of Bio'ty Lab. It is fantastic. Your webshop is a real Ali Baba cave with an incredible assortment. Congrats!:-))

From Carine Vanhoorebeeck, December 15th, 2011:

As agreed on the phone I'm waiting for the Himalya balsem ordered on Bio'ty Lab. All the rest is great. I really enjoy the Hurraw balsem; it's a wonderful product. Thanks so much for this impeccable service and for the replacement bottle.

From Lysiane Vallet, November 14th 2011:

Hello, a big thank you for my delivery, perfect as always. The candle of Munio Candela (Black Magic) really smells nice. Thanks also for the free samples. Kind regards, Lysiane.

From Ina Oyen, 24th of October 2011:
Dear Sophie, Congratulations with your good webshop; it's easy to navigate, full of good tips and advice!

From Katleen Bastaens, Octobre 14th 2011:

Thanks so much for the quick delivery. Nice pack, free samples and a personalised explanation: fantastic!

From Ai Khanh, October 13th 2011:

Hello Sophie!!! Thanks so much for having created this natural beauty shop. I'm so happy I can order easily some exclusive natural brands and be delivered quickly. On top of that the personalised service and free samples are a good surprise. It's also possible to pay with bancontact, which is rare. I wish you lots of success with Bio'ty Lab!

From Monique Rennes, September 24th 2011:

Thanks a lot for this quick delivery and for the extra samples you added!

From Katy Wu, August 31st, 2011:

I just received the package. Thank you for the big surprise (Trilogy Balancing Gel Cleanser)!  Looking forward to try those beautiful products! Have a beautiful day, Katy. 

From Emmanuèle Claeys, July 5th 2011:

I received a comment from my pediatrician yesterday: "Your daughter has a beau-ti-ful skin, how do you manage that?" My answer: "Because I buy her grooming products on BiotyLab doctor"! I am really satisfied of your products!

From Victoria M, June 10th 2011:

This is now my second order and everything is really neat: quick delivery, nice pack, personal greeting card. I will certainly recommend this site to my friends and will also use its servce to send gifts as a surprise!!

From Vicky Rafael, June 6th 2011:

I am very happy with my first order: very nice nail polish CHERRY RIPE from Priti + easy to use polish remover!!!! I should have known this site earlier.... :-) 

From Christine Hermans, May 13th 2011:

My order arrived yesterday. Thanks for the nice and personalised presentation and for the free samples. Good service! Thank you, Christine Herman.

From Frédéric Englebert, May 10th 2011:

I am very happy with my order. I loved receiving a personalised card; I felt like a pampered customer at Bio'ty Lab. I'll certainly recommend your products to friends and re-order soon. Have a nice day, Frédéric, also a natural skincare lover.

From Valérie Spits, April 12th 2011:

I thank you for your personalised service. It's really nice to feel taken care of! Also, your site is really nicely built!

From Irène Dupong, March 25th 2011:

Hello, I have received as promised the products on Wednesday. I love them all! 

From Bénédicte Cardoen, March 19th 2011:

Thanks for the very quick delivery and the samples. Greetz, Bene 

From Mélanie Grooten, March 16th 2011:

The pack has well arrived and I am very happy with it. It shows that you do this with passion! Thanks again for the good  service and I will certainly order again on biotylab if my sensitive skin reacts proprely to the products.

From Zenia Martins, March 4th, 2011:

Thank you sooooo very much ! The package, full with little rose buds, (such a nice and special touch!!!!) arrived this morning and I already used my so much expected lipstick! I love it! The consistency, the color... Everything arrive perfectly! What a service!!!

From Lina Di Berardino, March 1st 2011:

Thanks a lot for this second delivery. Hat's off for the impeccable service!

From Lut Sonck, February 25th 2011:

Dear Sophie, I have generously used my creams this morning... and I am really very happy with the results!

From Nathalie Siméoni, February the 2nd 2011:

Thanks a lot for the nice evening. I have received very positive reactions from my friends. You should find them back on your website soon! Anyway, I am very happy; the products are exactly what I was looking for!

From Arjan de Lange, December 11th 2010:

So, everything is fine, the products have arrived, very nice, fantastic packs. Thanks, we will cath up later, Arjan.

From Emma Jacobs, November 20th 2010:

Yesterday I had the pleasure to receive the 2 combs. Everything looks super, thanks for the quick delivery and for the surprise ;-) My mother and aunt will be glad with their gifts. The combs are nicely packed. Thanks for everything and see you certainly very soon!

From Lysiane Vallet, November 19th 2010:

Thank you very much for the follow up and for the free product of the Christmas promo. Have a nice day.

From Marie Christine Folau, October 19th 2010:

I am very satisfied of your products; my skin is much better. Thanks a lot for this!!

From Diane de Patoul, September 17th 2010:

Package received, with a nice card and product explanation, super. I like it!

From Kaat Ratiau, September the 2nd 2010:

I am very happy with my products and thanks for the nice card. Nice webshop and super service.

From Debbie De Brauwer, August the 13th 2010:

I received yesterday an enthusiastic phone call from my friend! Thanks for making it so beautiful and for the quick delivery, she was very pleased with her present!

From Valérie Dejaeghere, July the 2nd 2010:

Hey Sophie, I wanted to let you know that navigating on your site is my first good e-shopping experience since the States!!! Everything works perfectly and I was very impressed by the fact that the system recognised me and gave me the full history of my past orders! :-)

From Véronique Mits, June 8th 2010:

Wauw, I just received my pack! So quick, a fantastic way to start the day :-).

I find your website really great! I would buy something every single week if only I'd got enough money to spend! ;-) Keep on going because it's worth it!

From Midori Takahashi, April 27th, 2010:

I really love your website which helps me guide to an exciting journey of finding happy beautiful products. And I find your prices are quite good, too! (Well, I find them cheaper than the most Bio cosmetics in the shops!)

From Virginie Tumelaire, March the 22nd, 2010:

Hello, I am very happy with my order: the delivery is fantastically fast and the products are of high quality and efficient. Thanks for this perfect service. See you soon. Kind regards, Virginie.

From Liesje Sadonius, February the 21st 2010:

Just wanted to let you know you're website looks lovely and it's very easy to navigate. Take care and good luck with your mission ;) Liesje

From Lysiane Vallet, January the 14th 2010:
Hello, I ordered yesterday and received today my products in great shape, everything was perfectly packed, it's wonderful. I am very pleased. Thanks a lot. Bye for now, Lysiane.

From Anne Sepulchre, December 12th 2009:
Fantastic website!


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